Who are we ?

Founded in 2007 in Lausanne, 5th City of Switzerland, Crottaz Finance is located in the middle of a discrete, efficient and renowned financial place.

A large number of private banks, international federations, as well stock-market listed companies manage their worldwide operations from this city.

Crottaz-Finance acts as an independant and autonomus company with a close partnership with local financial actors.

We guarantee an objective, transparent and ethical advice as well as we follow your portfolio in a mind of continuity.

Our vast network of partners allows us to quickly find the specialist you need.

Crottaz-Finance complies with all Swiss banking regulations, in particular The Swiss Anti Money Laundering ACT (AMLA, see LBA)

Crottaz-Finance is supervised by an autoregulation organisation (OAR) and under its control, follows a strict code of conduct, applies its directives and regularely auditex.


From CHF 1 million we make a customized management and monitoring of your portfolio.


A brief overview of our team of specialists in consulting and asset management.


Location, contact information and all relevant information.


Every day information or a reflection on the financial status of markets (in French).
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